Ripon Area United Way Funding Has a Great Impact

United Way dollars help students participate in BRAVE program

I am writing to express my gratitude to the people who generously support United Way. As the director for the BRAVE after school program in the Ripon schools I am fortunate to see firsthand the impact that United Way has on the children of our community. A third grader recently came up to me and exclaimed, "Mrs. Meyer, I love coming to BRAVE because I got all my math done and I know I got it all right because I had a teacher to help me!" The shine of confidence that came from that child's eyes could have lit up a room. This child happens to be one of the students who benefits from a scholarship. Each year we have students who are able to receive extra educational support through BRAVE because United Way dollars have been there to help... Thank you for caring about our kids, and for putting this care into action through your financial support of the annual United Way campaign!

— Jolene Meyer, BRAVE Project Director, Ripon Area School District

The Family Resource Center of Fond du Lac County, Inc. (FRC) serves 500 Ripon families each year through the support of the Ripon Area United Way. This support allows the FRC to foster the healthy development of children and families through a variety of pregnancy and parenting support services. Through the FRC, families in Ripon have access to parenting classes, parent-child interactive events, child development screenings, in-home parent education, playgroups, pregnancy testing, resources and referrals. In addition, teens enrolled in Ripon High School have the opportunity to observe our Teen Parent Panel; where teen moms and dads come in and speak on the challenges they have faced as teen parents. At FRC, w e believe that every family deserves support, education and resources. Without the support of the Ripon Area United Way, we would not be able to provide these important resources to the families of Ripon. Please support the Ripon Area United Way.