About Us


“To improve lives by mobilizing community resources and partnerships to create sustained health and human services improvements in Ripon, Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County) and the surrounding communities.”



Ripon Area United Way (a/k/a Ripon Community Fund, Inc.) of Ripon, Wisconsin (hereafter “RAUW”) is committed to being inclusive in every sense. We value all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical challenge and age. We will pay consistent attention to forming inclusive panels/boards/committees and being accountable to all populations served. We recognize the value of reflecting the make-up of our community and our goal is to demonstrate the principles of diversity, which enrich our community and our country. ”



The mission of Ripon Area United Way (a/k/a Ripon Community Fund, Inc.) of Ripon, Wisconsin (hereafter “RAUW”) is to increase the organized capacity of all people in Ripon and the surrounding communities to improve our quality of life by being accountable to one another. This critical role requires that all of RAUW board members, staff, volunteers and representatives who foster such essential public good must assume the responsibility of earning public trust.


Accordingly, RAUW plays a unique role both as a leader in the health and human services sector and as a major resource to partner agencies to build trust through all that we do. This bond of trust goes far beyond legal or regulatory requirements to include our core values, and ethics. To fulfill this special obligation, five core values provide the foundation on which we base our actions and decisions:


INTEGRITY: We act with integrity that inspires the highest truth. We therefore:

  • Stand as “one” in the relentless pursuit of instilling and promoting public confidence and trust.
  • Maintain the highest standards of excellence and accountability, including prudent use of finances, and fair, accurate and honest disclosures of information.
  • Keep our promises. People know that “United Way makes our caring count.”

IMPACT: We make a positive difference and have a measurable impact of enduring consequence. We therefore:

  •  Make a difference in our community and change lives through our efforts.
  • Are committed to a United Way that is relevant to its people, its community and the times.
  • Assume responsibility as good stewards and are accountable for our work and sustainable results.

VOLUNTEERISM: We make an impact and are made relevant through the spirit of volunteerism. We therefore:

  •  Are outstanding in the way that we invite volunteers to express their philanthropic beliefs (expression of one’s “love of humanity”).
  • Believe that the most effective models of service and excellence are created through the leadership of volunteers.
  • Encourage volunteer participation.


INCLUSIVENESS: We are strong only when we are inclusive. We therefore:

  • Aspire to involve every segment of the community in every aspect of our work.
  • Act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person, the community, the donors, our own board members, staff, volunteers and representatives.
  • Believe in a movement built from the rich diversity and gifts of all people in all systems.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: We provide leadership for community building to be a catalyst for positive change. We therefore:

  • Are effective educators and facilitators bringing all segments of the community together to promote individual well being and common good.
  • Are leaders of a process that multiplies the impact of people’s innate desire and capacity to care for one another.
  • Help transform visions of compassion and giving into dynamic reality.