Thank you, Alliance Laundry Systems, for your generous donation to United Way - and to so many other worthy causes in our community!

It was a bit of a “buzzer beater” – the campaign progress thermometer near the Ripon Village Green was stuck at 75% for weeks.  Then, at the “last minute” (actually, the last two days of the campaign) several significant checks came in and we met our goal!


While these few checks may have pushed us over the finish line, every check – from the first to the last and the smallest to the largest – made our campaign a success.  Once again, the generosity of the Ripon community is one of our greatest assets.



Thanks to the many people who donated to United Way at Webster's this weekend - and Webster's generous match of all donations (including employee donations) we received another $9,486 toward our $80,000 annual campaign goal! Thanks Candie and everyone who donated to make this corporate match possible!

Homan Auto Group - and Mark Homan - are a local business that gives back to our community.  Mark has graciously offered to be the pacesetter for the 2021-2022 annual campaign.  What is a pacesetter?  According to, a pacesetter is "a person [or organization] that sets the pace, as in a race."

Clearly, with their generous gift equal to 10% of our total campaign goal, Homan has set the pace!

On November 15, 2021 one of our community partners, Habitat for Humanity, breaks ground for a new afforable home for a family in need in Ripon.  Located on Metomen Street across from the former hospital, the land was donated to Habitat for this purpose.